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IMAGINE... When Someone Searches For Your Kind Of Business, Service Or Product In Your Area And You're The #1 Business In YouTube!

Youtube video Marketing

Just think about this for a moment... What if your business had hundreds of compelling direct-response marketing videos  everywhere - all completely optimised and ranked in the search engines like YouTube and Google - all promoting your business?

What would it mean for your business if... Each time your potential customers search the key phrases related to your business they're greeted with a professional video offering them the 'Exact Thing' they are searching for at that very moment - and it's your website they go to - not your competitors?

Think of these videos as short, engaging, direct, to the point Micro-Advertisements:

  • 1

    They Target The Right People

    They immediately target and place you directly in front of potential customers who are looking for your type of business in your area at that very moment.

  • 2

    They Get Them To Take Action

    They are designed to get people to take action by either clicking a link, visiting your website, calling you, booking an appointment or taking whatever other specific direct action you want them to.

  • 3

    They Work 24/7 On Autopilot

    They put your business at the top of the search lists by ranking you in YouTube (and often in Google too), they work 24/7 on autopilot and we do all the work for you so you don't have to.



We Research The Best Keywords For Your Business, We Create Your Videos, We Rank The Videos, We Even Design Your Website Landing Pages To Capture Your New Leads


GN Media Group Youtube video marketing



We'll Create Direct Response Videos Designed To Get Customers For Your Business


We'll Rank These Video's To Outrank Your Competitors So Customers Find You First!


We'll Create High Converting Landing Pages To Capture All Of Your New Leads

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business

1. We Create The Videos

Firstly, we produce professional premium quality videos for your local business.

These videos are short, extremely Targeted Micro-Advertisements that persuasively grab your potential customers attention.

They effectively highlight your business, product or services as the perfect solution for the very thing they were just searching for.

2. We Rank The Videos

We then fully optimise your videos and get them ranked IMMEDIATELY in YouTube.

Using our propriety Video Ranking System your videos will quickly outrank your competition giving your business extremely high visibility - fast!

Customers will find you first and your videos will drive them directly to your high-converting website / sales funnel - rather than your competitors!

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business
GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business

3. We Capture The Leads

Once your customers have watched your short promotional video they are directed to a Specific High-Converting Landing Page that has been expertly crafted by direct-response marketers.

A page that has been handcrafted to convert more of your prospects into high quaility leads and paying customers. You start getting more leads, sales and customers on day one!



People Are Using YouTube More Than Facebook - It's The 2nd Largest Search Engine In The World And The Perfect Choice For Marketing And Growing Your Business!

youtube vs facebook

It's known that video captures more attention, adds a degree of personalisation, makes complex ideas easier to explain and is just more engaging which is why all the search engines and social media platforms push video above all else.

In fact, in 2021 it's predicted that 82% of all consumer website traffic will be from video content!

And the #1 video search engine, the place where the majority of all that video website traffic will come from is... YouTube!

If Google is King
YouTube is QUEEN!

After it's parent company Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and when it comes to video marketing it's the powerhouse for driving new leads and appointments into your business, getting you more customers, more sales and making you more money!

We understand why businesses often get caught up thinking Facebook with it's 50 million users is the answer. However, YouTube with it's 2 Billion users completely dwarfs Facebook - and it's cheaper!

If you're a local business and you want to grow your business video marketing with YouTube is the answer and here's why...

2 billion YouTube users

More than 2 Billion users tune in to YouTube every month with 30 million daily users consuming more than 5 billion videos every day!

This makes YouTube a channel that you just can’t look away from if you are looking to market your brand to an online audience.

1 billion hours of YouTube videos
500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

2 out of 3 buyers have said that they watch YouTube videos to get ideas and inspiration before making purchasing decisions.

There's been a 39% increase in users watching YouTube on TV with 250 million hours of video being watched per day on TV screens alone.

79 percent of people have YouTube
8 out of 10 marketers prefer YouTube

YouTube ads get 62% more of audience attention compared to 45% on TV. Plus, YouTube viewers are 50% less likely to skip an ad.

In addition to discovering new brands... 40% of shoppers said that they purchased products from brands that they had discovered on YouTube.

90 percent or people say they discover new products or brands on YouTube
62 percent of businesses use YouTube

Users who watch at least 30 seconds of a YouTube ad are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to the brand’s channel.

YouTube is Hands Down The #1 Weapon Of Choice For Marketing And Growing Your Business!

Let Me Ask You A Question

Now That You Know How Important And Powerful YouTube Is For Marketing And Growing Your Business... How Would You Like To Be The #1 Ranked Business in YouTube?

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business
Youtube video marketing 2

If the answer is YES... Congratulations you are in the right place because we can make it happen for you - FAST!

Right now is the best time to start using YouTube to market your business because even though 62% of businesses use YouTube they are not actually using it to market their business, they think it's just for posting content.

And most small businesses are not even doing that - In fact, they have no idea how to use YouTube, they don't even have a channel!

Here's why...

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business

Only 9% of small businesses actually have a YouTube channel and most of them have no idea how to use it to market their business.

So right now this is a huge opportunity for you because... most small business (including your competitors) still have no real clue, they've yet to figure out how to properly use YouTube to market their local business.

But we do... we know EXACTLY how to use video marketing and YouTube to create a powerful automated marketing machine for driving new leads, appointments and sales into your business every single day.

With our propriety system you'll boost your business, dominate your local market, get more leads, appointments, customers and increase your sales.

BUT... businesses who don't make the transition to video marketing on YouTube fast will be left behind with underperforming websites, disappointing marketing campaigns, and dwindling sales.

They will consistently lose out to their savvy competitors who are smart enough to be using video and marketing on YouTube.

So let me ask you that question again...

How Would You Like To
RANK #1 on YouTube?


For EVERY Business there are Important Focused Key Phrases That Potential Customers search for On A Daily Basis!

These Important Key Phrases are essential for making it simple and easy for potential customers or clients to find businesses just like yours online and right now, two things are happening...

  • A

    Customers Are Either Finding You When They Search or,

  • B

    They Are Finding Your Competitors!

So, If you're not getting enough leads, apointments or sales from your website then guess what?

THE ANSWER IS B  ...And Maybe We Should Talk!


There Are Three Ways We Can Use YouTube Marketing To Help You Grow Your Business

  • 1

    The First Way is on YouTube:

The first way is when a person comes to YouTube directly and specifically searches for a product or they search for a service.

Based on the results that come up they will click on one of those videos to find out more about that company and potentially do business with them.

So if you rank your videos well they will show up in the YouTube search results.

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business
GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business

Here's a Google Search we did for a Canon Camera Notice the videos... These are YouTube videos!

  • 2

    The Second Way is on Google:

The second way is by using a two-part system. If you know how to rank your videos really well they will:

a. Show up at the top of YouTube and...

b. Those same videos can also get ranked in Google.

Think about it, how many times have you ever looked for something on Google and at the top of your Google search you saw videos... It happens everyday!

Now imagine some of YOUR videos ranking at the top of Google and you getting traffic to your videos and therefore also generating traffic directly to your website!

BUT... if you have zero video's on YouTube I can guarantee you one thing... You will have zero traffic from YouTube and your videos will not show up in Google.

  • 3

    The Third Way is with YouTube Ads:

Over the last two years, the number of small and medium sized businesses advertising on YouTube has doubled - and with good reason. YouTube has one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world.

With YouTube ads you can reach even more potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube – and only pay when they show interest.

It's extremely effective, way cheaper than Facebook advertising and the ROI is much higher too.

After we have your videos ranked in YouTube and Google the next logical step is YouTube Ads.

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business
GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business


What If You Didn't Have To Do Any Of The Work - What If We Did It All For You So You Don't Have To?

  • We DO The Keyword Research For You

  • We CREATE The Videos For You

  • We RANK The Videos For You

  • And We CAPTURE The Leads For You

You Just Sit Back And Collect The Traffic EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU!


WHAT IF... We ONLY Did This For YOU And Your Business?

Because of the nature of this type of marketing we can only ethically work with ONE of each business type, in any one area, at any time.

Otherwise our clients would simply be cannibalising each others businesses - and we can't have that!

So trying to put this as politely, and as direct as possible... we can either do all of this for you and your business, or your closest competitor.

So if you're interested in finding out more about how we can help you grow your business, dominate your local market and lock out your competition - Let's talk.

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