Our Story


We Had Tried Everything!

It is no exaggeration to say - gn media group was born by accident, actually out of frustration would be more correct!

Over the last 20 years... we needed to market our own local business and stay ahead of the competition in our local area.



We invested more money than we care to share in overpromising and underperforming third party services - only to get poor results.

Finally, we decided to stop looking to others and became the solution ourselves!

To do this we studied everything we could, we learnt to design our own websites, we learnt about SEO, lead pages, sales pages, optin pages, follow up sequences, video creation, marketing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the list goes on.



We have purchased good (and not so good) courses, programmes, mentorships, and masterminds - and learnt from them all!

We've attended copious seminars, trainings and events, we've tried and failed and tried again until we succeeded.

We've made mistakes, we've triumphed and we've also gone back to the drawing board on projects more times than we care to remember.



But through this 20 year journey we have learnt, no, we've mastered how to effectively market our business and dominate our local area.

We've achieved more than we could have imagined and now, with gn. mediagroup we help other local business owners do the same.


Complete marketing partnership from gn media group


You see, you can call us marketers, but really, we're story tellers, delivering engaging marketing campaigns through creative web design, and digital marketing.

We are creators. We will develop, innovate, strategise and optimise to help your business attract, engage, connect, close and succeed.

We're passionate about partnering with your business to help you gain a strong advantage over your competitors, just like we did.

We've told you our story...

Now it's time to share yours!

Claim Your Free Discovery Call!

It's highly likely that our experienced team can solve your marketing frustrations and transform your online marketing. But we know that you're probably fed up with website 'experts' and marketing 'guru's' promising you the world and not delivering - so we have a very unique approach to find out if we're a good match... we actually have a conversation!

We call it A Discovery Call - and that's exactly what it is... a call to discover how we can help your business grow and whether we are a good fit to work together.

We'll talk about...

  • Your Business

    Where you are now and your goals for the future.

  • Your Challenges

    We'll discuss any challenges or bottlenecks that you feel are holding your business back.

  • How We Can Help

    We'll then identify the next logical step and develop a plan to grow and accelerate your business.

  • How To Get It All Done For You!

    And if you wish, we'll even show you how we can do all it for you so you don't have to.

Our Partnerships

GN Media Group - Creative Marketing For Local Business

A Different Digital Marketing Agency

We Partner Your Business And Help It Grow


We Partner Your Business With Tailor Made Partnership Packages for projects ranging from bespoke website design to local video marketing and social media marketing... All specifically designed to bring you more customers, more sales and ultimately more profits.


High-End Website Design

In Less Than 30 Days - we'll transform your website into a high performance marketing machine that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.


Powerful Video Marketing

Using quality video - We'll IMMEDIATELY increase the online visibility of your business and drive customers to your website who are actively looking for your type of business.


Done For You Social Media

We'll set up your Done-For-You, automated social media marketing machine that gets you noticed, nurtures potential customers and sends them to your website to buy.


The Complete Partnership

Imagine a team you can trust doing all of your marketing for you. Get all 3 of our Partnerships Packages seamlessly working together to grow your business. We do the work so you don't have to! 




Imagine a team you can trust doing all of your marketing for you. Get all our Partnerships seamlessly working together to grow your business. We do all the work so you don't have to!